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Friday, April 4th, 2003
3:20 pm
OMIGOD! THIS IS TOO COOL! Alright, see, LP's new cd, Meteora had reached numer uno, #1, ONE ONE ONE!
*ahem* Yes. Well. Also to be noted is that Hybrid Theory has been #3 on the charts for 127 WEEKS. HOW COOL IS THIS????


post.comment.and karma will be delivered on your doorstep.


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Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
5:50 am
Well, I finally got it out there....
I wrote a review. Read it at www.epinions.com and leave me a comment (i'm the author known as lptheory) or comment here. I would enjoy both, but i understand if you only do one.

Nobody's listening??!?
Apr 01 '03

Author's Product Rating
5 stars

new sound, lyrics are just as deep, just very well done

the sound kind of jumps around a bit, from soft to LOUD.

The Bottom Line
It's for every mood and is everything that Linkin Park represents. Their lyrics catch you, you sing the tune in your head and you get addicted. It's that good.

Full Review
Actually, the only reason the title sounds negative is because I am listening to the song as I write this. I want to make it clear that while many people feel that Meteora is a rewrite of Hybrid Theory, it is QUITE the opposite.

When I first heard of Linkin Park, I was on spring break and happened to be watching MTV. Suddenly, there was an electronic-bell intro and it was then backed by heavy guitars. At the time, I had been into techno-pop, and the intro had caught my ear. As I watched the video, what truly drew me in was the lyrics. The music and the video just helped add spice to the lyrics. Most LP haters dislike them because they've been overplayed [i.e.- in the end {but i happen to think that it didn't get enough vid time}...]. They don't take time to listen to lyrics, which is what music is truly about. Lyrics, and the best way to express them without having a negative physical manifestation.

A while after that, I bought the Hybrid Theory and became instantly attached to it. When I lent it out, and it returned home with a scratch on it, I freaked- because the band had that much of an impression on me. As you can clearly see, their influence has stayed strong, and they never cease to amaze me. When Reanimation came out, I was glued to that for several weeks as well. Most people don't realise, however, that Linkin Park made Reanimation to show what other ideas they had planned for the songs that were on Hybrid Theory. And now that Meteora is out, the pattern seems to be reocurring.

When I bought the cd on 3/25, I was overly estatic. But when it came time to listen, I was a bit taken aback. The sound was much heavier, and Chester was a lot angrier. "Don't Stay", the second track reminded me a lot of the song "System", which Chester had recorded for the "Queen of the Damned" soundtrack. A lot of power vocals, but it still had the meaningful effect. But I will not deny that it did startle me at first.

Another thing I noticed as I went through the cd was that their sound was vaugly familar of an old electronic band known as Depesche Mode. For those of you who don't know it, DM is the reason why techno and synth-pop is what it is. And it also the reason LP has such a unique sound, which is highly prevailent on Meteora. As a high schooler- and I am NOT making this up- Chester said that he always wanted to be the 5th member of DM. Thus the heavy influence that I picked up on.

Over and through, the cd is all that somone should expect from LP- nothing but the best. Many people feel that it is a drastic change from Reanimation, however, most people can't seem to find it into their peanut gallery brains that Linkin Park is NOT all remixes. If you track down their discography and download songs like "And One" or "Carosuel"(sp?), they would notice that the music performed on Meteora is very back to their roots.

Since the cd came out (one friggin' week)- I've heard more negatory comments from people who claim that LP is "unoriginal" or "crappy". Well, I happen to think that every band is unoriginal, considering that previous eras and genres of music are the influence and ideas for the new musisc eras.

People, before you bash, take the time to hear the music. Whether it be new or old, just keep an open mind.


Great Music to Play While: Reading or Studying

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003
11:07 am
I'm finding this tough. I can't put Meteora down. I nearly got caught listening to my cd player during class today. Oi pancakey cakey. But you know, that's okay. Coz it motivates me.


(i think i'm gunna need help....)

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Monday, March 31st, 2003
11:07 am
I want to acknowlede the fact that:
really hurts.

They totally bashed the new cd.


comment ppl!!!

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10:24 am
Alright, this is too cool! I have 1 OFFICIAL MEMBER!!! WOOHOO!
thank you for joining!!!!!



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Saturday, March 29th, 2003
8:29 pm
Heh, i finally made my own livejournal community. Just for all of you, this is she, the jounalmistress Xero. I will post as schuschu, but the journal known as ciardapheonix is the community journal.

Now, what is the community for, you ask? Well, it's for Linkin Park fans! (^_^)! Yes, i know, i have too much time on my hands, but forgive me. LP is the only band (with depeche [sp?] mode coming in a close second....) that i truly erm...well... worship?. Well, any way, please join me in talking about their new cd, Meteora, which came out on 3/25. Thanks and have fun!!!!!


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